Puppy Pictures

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Rosemary's Babies

Progesterone Timing & C-section were done at Cliftwood Animal Hospital with Rosemary. She had six beautiful and healthy pups! Check out Atlanta French Bulldogs to see the pups.

Blanca's Puppies

Cecilia Carmean of Summit Akitas brought her Akita Blanca to Cliftwood Animal Hospital for an emergency C-section.

Coral's Puppies

We have more success stories to share from our progesterone timing and surgical inseminations with frozen semen for our client Brad Sadler of Chelsea Plantation in Ridgeland, SC. Both of his dogs received the same procedures, staying at our facility for progesterone timing and consequent surgical inseminations and both were successful! The first dog, Coral, had eight pups naturally and mom and pups are doing well. The second bitch, Dolly, is carrying six pups and should whelp within the next couple of weeks.

"I wanted to let you know that Coral delivered her puppies Tuesday into Wednesday. She was in labor for over 24 hours and delivered 8 puppies. They are 3 days old today and everything looks really good. As far as color and sex she did great as well. We have 1 wht/liver male, 2 wht/blk males, 1 wht/liver female, two wht/blk females and two wht/orange females. One of the wht/orange females is small but has plenty of vigor. Thank you for the 100% on your part...Great Job!" - Brad Sadler from Chelsea Plantation in Ridgeland South Carolina

KMA Redbone Kennels

The mother’s name is Annie and she had 3 pups – one boy and 2 girls from our progesterone timing and surgical insemination with frozen semen. She whelped naturally at home in Albany, Georgia with owners Jimmy and June Hollis. Redbone Coonhounds are very rare and were just recently accepted by the AKC as new breed.

Bull Mastiff Puppies

Mom is Champion Stardog Shadow of the Wind – callname is Matty. We delivered 14 healthy Bull Mastiff puppies on 4/21/10 – 8 boys and 6 girls via C-section! There is a picture of the whole bunch – one of the owner holding two of the pups – staff and Dr. Kestle nursing the pups and a cute picture of a little boy nursing.

Hardwick Puppies

Welcome our newest puppies! Six healthy puppies delivered via C-section by Dr. Kestle on St. Patrick's Day. Four boys and two girls born to happy mother Peyton Hardwick.

Hella's Puppies

Hello Dr. Kestle, I have attached some pictures of Hella’s adorable GSD puppies! Hella had a beautiful delivery on February 9th, 2010. I tell everyone how special you made Hella and I feel by meeting us at your office on your day off to do our AI. Any other vet would have waited till Monday and more than likely by then we would have missed our date for them it is about office hours and money.

As a breeder that has taken a lot of time studying pedigrees and prepping for this litter this was PRICELESS! Along with that the experience I had to actually witness the procedure was WAY COOL!!

Thanks again Dr. Kestle & Staff. The clinic that REALLY cares!

Tail Wags Beverly Hudgins Atlanta K9 Academy

Crystal's Puppies

Meet Champion Double Ring Rebel Ridge Waterford – AKA Crystal. Dr. Kestle performed a C-section on November 25th on Crystal. Here she is tending to her pups a couple of hours after the surgery. Congratulations to Robin Miller and family at Rebel Ridge Kuvasz!

Una's Puppies

Hi Dr. Kestle, Just wanted to update you regarding Una. On Friday, December 18th, 2009 she delivered 7 puppies. The first took so long and was so big, he was dead on delivery, however, all the rest delivered shortly after, and with no problems. She had 4 girls and 3 boys, with 2 boys remaining. I wanted to thank you for your services and for working with Auburn University’s Dr. Wilborn. I am thrilled to have these puppies and look forward to using your services again. Your office has made this process very easy and stress free, and answered all my questions in a timely manner. Please feel free to post pictures on your board, surgical insemination using fresh chilled delivered on 12/18/09. Will be sending Litter Registration papers shortly.

Regards, Lavonne Santee Stargazer Poodles

Kuvasz Puppies

Here are more pictures of puppies as a result of Dr. Kestle doing a surgical insemination with frozen semen stored here at the clinic and a bitch from Michigan – Kuvasz litter.

Sire - Ch Double Ring Peterbilt (Cargo) Dam - Ch Mauna Kea’s Essense of Time (Essie)


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